Education and training

All our member learning opportunities have moved online.

Since the start of the pandemic, we are delighted to have been able to offer workshops and webinars from providers including The Open University, Cruse Bereavement Care, the WEA, and YGAM.

Take a look at our upcoming courses to see what’s coming up.

Working people have a long history of self-improvement through their trade unions.

UNISON proudly continues this tradition with courses running throughout the year, covering campaigning, employment rights, and equalities, as well as functional skills, professional development and general skill-sharing!

It is our priority to have as diverse and suitable courses to meet all the needs of both our members and activists both new and old.

Discover our current range of courses.

Check out the Members Learning – Autumn 2021 programme (PDF – so you can print at home)

Check out the Activists Training – Autumn 2021  programme (PDF – so you can print at home)

Upcoming courses

Check this page for upcoming member and activist education courses across the region.

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Activists: Essential development

If you have recently become a UNISON Steward or workplace representative, you are probably feeling slightly anxious about what you have let yourself in for. Don’t panic!

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Member learning

Learning doesn’t need to stop when we leave formal education and if we want to move forward in a career then continuous learning is essential.

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