Get active in UNISON

UNISON needs you. Did you know that people in workplaces with union reps statistically earn more, get more holidays, get better training and are less likely to be discriminated against?

Join UNISON’s large network of people across the UK who tackle problems at work and improve conditions for themselves and their colleagues.

Take on an official role as a rep or steward

Whatever your problem at work, from broken central heating to mass redundancies, UNISON workplace representatives (reps), stewards and other activists work together to protect the interest of members.

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Official branch roles

Some members are elected by their workforce to play different branch roles. Branches must elect certain core officers. They may also create other posts according to their rules. Officers are elected either at the AGM or by postal ballot beforehand.

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Mentor or buddy new UNISON activists

If you’re already active in your branch, and want to make it even stronger, why not support new reps and activists?

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Key documents and tools for activists

Need to access the case form? Want to talk to activist colleagues? Want to print campaign materials – or even get customised campaign materials printed? You can do so here.

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