IWMD Virtual Rally

Many branches will have had to cancel plans to commemorate International Workers’ Memorial Day this year in the normal way. This provides an opportunity to move those plans online.

To commemorate IWMD and remember those we have lost from Covid-19, we’d like to help members show solidarity across the region at this time. So we have a simple idea.

We’ve produced a photo-card you can print out, or display on a smartphone or tablet, and hold up in a photo of yourself (and possibly others, socially distancing as required). This can then be shared on social media alongside your own thoughts or messages on the topic of IWMD.

Some of you will have your own social media profiles you would like to use for this purpose. If you make use of the photo-card, or if you have your own plans to commemorate IWMD on social media after the minute’s silence at 11am on Tuesday 28th April, please tag the appropriate regional profiles into your posts so we can consolidate the virtual rally and enhance its online prominence.

Twitter: @unisonyh

Facebook: facebook.com/unisonyh

Instagram: instagram.com/unisonyorkshumber

Please also use the hashtags: #neverforgotten & #IWMD20

Here are a couple of examples provided by our Organisers, Eleanor and Rich:

IWMD Instagram sampleIWMD20 sample

If you do not use social media, but you would still like to share a photo and a message, we can facilitate this via the regional social media platforms.

Please email photos and comments to Y&H.Digital@unison.co.uk by 12pm on Tuesday 28th if you would like us to do this.

When you do so please give your consent for the images to be shared, tell us who you are, what branch you are from, what your roles are and include any personal message from yourself.

Given the minute’s silence is to take place at 11am, we will commence sharing on our social media platforms from around 11.05am and onward throughout the day.