Coronavirus guidance

UNISON branches in our region are advising, supporting and representing members as everyone works to fight the challenge of COVID-19. Our members are on the frontline, doing the important work they always do. UNISON is here to help them and their families.

Use the links below if you have questions and need advice about COVID-19 and employment.

National UNISON’s guidance: this link has more links to information for different work sectors and specific circumstances: schools, social work, universities, NHS staff, WET etc.

UNISON – Coronavirus: Your Rights At Work


There For You

Members experiencing financial and emotional difficulties can contact our welfare charity, There for You, which provides a confidential advice and support service for members and their dependants.

There for You: Financial help for UNISON members


Covid concerns in health & social care

If you work in a health or social care setting, UNISON has developed a framework to help you address concerns about inadequate PPE and infection prevention measures.

UNISON’S Health & Social Care COVID-19 Risk Escalation framework


If the currently available information and guidance does not provide you with the answers you need, members should contact their UNISON branch. If you’re not sure which branch to contact, you can use the UNISON Branch Finder tool.

UNISON Branch Finder

If the branch finder doesn’t help you, contact the Regional Centre by phone on:

0113 218 2627

Or you can use the Yorkshire & Humberside online enquiry form:

Online enquiries

These are both monitored Monday-Friday. When you leave a message we will endeavour to get in touch with you as soon as possible.


External sources of guidance

The government and other bodies are publishing and updating information regularly. Below is some of the additional guidance available.

Overall government guidance

Government guidance on work and financial support

Public Health England: Guidance for adult social care

Local Government Association guidance

NHS Staff Council guidance

ACAS guidance for employers and employees


This page will be updated on a regular basis.