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We offer learning and development opportunities for our members, working with our provides to improve the variety of courses and learning available.

Please keep checking our upcoming courses and the UNISON Learning & Organising Services website to find out about resources, workshops, and learning news.

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⇒ Bereavement awareness workshops for members in social care
⇒ Personal Development for UNISON Members
⇒ Help with Digital Skills
⇒ Get online with Learn My Way
⇒ Everyday Skills in Maths and English
⇒ Family Maths Toolkit
⇒ Activist Learning
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⇒ Building English & maths confidence with Skills Builder web app
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Mental Health and Well Being

UNISON have been working closely with the Open University to provide an Online Mental Health Awareness Workshop.  The first workshop was very popular and more dates will follow shortly.  The Region currently have a waiting list for places, so please get in touch if this is something you are interested in.

In addition to this workshop, UNISON have pulled together various resources to help you look after your Mental Health and Well Being.

UNISON Learning for Mental Health & Well Being

Staff Skills Academy

UNISON has formed a partnership with the Staff Skills Academy to give members access to over 550 free online courses, from time priority management to how to manage virtual teams to remote workers’ security.

All the courses are CPD certified, allowing members to show proof of their learning to their employers.UNISON has formed a partnership with the Staff Skills Academy to give members access to over 550 free online courses, from time priority management to how to manage virtual teams to remote workers’ security.

Staff Skills Academy

Bereavement awareness workshops for members in social care

We have commissioned a series of bereavement awareness webinars for UNISON members in social care from the charity Cruse. While staff in this sector are likely to be accustomed to witnessing the deaths of residents in their care and to processing their own feelings of grief and bereavement, the sheer frequency and distressing nature of deaths due to Covid-19 make this particularly difficult. The training has been designed to reflect these particular members’ circumstances, but we also link to resources that may help any member dealing with bereavement.

If you’re based in a branch which has members in social care, please do spread the word.

Bereavement awareness training for members in social care

Bereavement resources

Personal Development for UNISON Members

In times like these it’s easy to feel as if we don’t have any control over our own lives, to feel hopeless, to be unable to look forward to the future. But we may also be feeling driven to make changes, to consider those things that we do have control over, to develop our own skills.

If that’s the case for you, you might be interested in some of the development tools that UNISON Learning’s partners can offer you.

Personal Development

Help with Digital Skills

We know, however, that many of our members don’t have the digital skills to make the most of those. If you’re helping someone get up to speed with information technology, we have a selection of guides and other resources to help you.

Digital Beginners Guide

Get online with Learn My Way

Learn My way really does make online learning easy!  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a mouse or keyboard before.  You’ll discover how to use a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen and computer, how to keep in touch with email, how to use the internet, and how to stay safe online.

Start learning today by logging on.  You will need to register using our centre code number 8000526 or speak to a Union Learning Rep to help you get started.

Learn My Way

Everyday Skills in Maths and English

These free courses are ideal for anyone who wants to improve and refresh their everyday skills in Maths and English. They are available at two levels and you can choose the level that suits your ability and aspirations. They are divided into a series of easy-to-manage sections with interactive quizzes and activities to motivate and inspire you.

Every Day Skills in Maths and English

Family Maths Toolkit

National Numeracy also has a Family Maths Toolkit which is full of ideas to help parents, families and children aged 13 and under enjoy everyday maths activities together.

Family Maths Toolkit

Activist Learning

New Stewards can apply to join one of our Online Courses or one from the TUC Education website.

UNISON Online Stewards Courses

TUC Steward Courses

UNISON has produced specific guidance for health and safety reps – please make sure they know about them.

Health & Safety Reps Guidance

Working Safely Online

If reps want to refresh their knowledge we recommend taking a look at the TUC Education site – their short eNotes give the basics of a topic in twenty minutes or so, while their online versions of their introductory courses for stewards, health and safety reps and union learning reps can also be a useful refresher.

TUC Education | TUC

Most UNISON branch officers, stewards and safety reps will negotiate with employers at some time.  These in-depth guides, along with our training give you the tools you need for effective negotiating and bargaining with employers.

Bargaining Guides

UNISON e-learning

This site offers a variety of online learning resources for UNISON members

UNISON e-learning

Organising Space

Our activists can connect with other UNISON reps and staff at the Organising Space. It’s a great way to find resources and share ideas.

Organising Space

National Numeracy

Don’t let numbers hold you back – Take the National Numeracy Challenge

Being better with numbers isn’t a special talent; it’s something we can all learn.  Start now and take the online challenge and get the resources you help you improve.

Take the Challenge and Power Up Your Number Skills

Give this numeracy teaser a try

Building English and maths confidence with the Skills Builder web app

UNISON has launched Skills Builder, an online tool designed to help people feel more confident using words and numbers.

Skills Builder uses practical examples to bring the ideas to life. And it includes top tips on spelling and speed reading as well as a refresher on basic maths.

Skills Builder


Wranx is an app that helps you improve skills and knowledge in just ten minutes a day. Choose from topics including maths, English, mental health, the menopause, young workers’ rights at work, and much more.



Members can access any of the WEA’s online courses to improve their skills and wellbeing.  From improving your English or maths, learning new skills in digital, or changing your career path, there is something for you.

West Yorkshire residents will be funded to attend any online course in any region across the WEA.

WEA Skills & wellbeing offer