Compulsory redundancies at University of Huddersfield ‘completely unacceptable’, says UNISON

Plans by the University of Huddersfield to cut almost 200 jobs are unacceptable and will be deeply damaging to both staff and students, says UNISON today (Friday).

In an announcement to all staff at the university earlier this week, vice-chancellor Professor Bob Cryan confirmed the plans to make 198 compulsory redundancies. 

Cuts on such a large scale will be highly damaging to the university, with a negative impact on both staff and students, warns UNISON.

The union understands that if the redundancies go ahead, it would mean a number of staff leaving by the end of August. UNISON believes such drastic change in such a short period of time would affect the performance of the university significantly.

UNISON Yorkshire and Humberside regional organiser Vikki Garratty said: “This announcement is completely unacceptable. 

“The university is facing huge financial pressures, but leaping straight to compulsory redundancies is not the way to solve this.

“University managers must reconsider their options, and work with UNISON to find an alternative solution.”

UNISON University of Huddersfield branch secretary Steve Howe said: “This is an incredibly unsettling time for staff, and will have consequences students at the university too.

“The university needs to consider other options to address the pressures it faces without resorting to these drastic measures.

“UNISON will be meeting with staff next, and will continue to support those affected throughout the coming weeks and months.”

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