Member Learning

Learning doesn’t need to stop when we leave formal education and if we want to move forward in a career then continuous learning is essential.

Many of us will not have had positive early education experiences, and returning to learning can be daunting. But UNISON, and the partners we work with, will ensure that if you take that courageous step you will find out that learning can be fun as well as valuable.

Learning online

Learn something new at home at your own pace.  Follow the links below for more information and access some courses:

UNISON e-Notes:

Don’t let numbers hold you back – Take the National Numeracy Challenge

Being better with numbers isn’t a special talent; it’s something we can all learn.  Start now and take the online challenge and get the resources you help you improve.

Take the Challenge and Power Up Your Number Skills:

Give this numeracy teaser a try:

Free Maths Activities During School Closures

National Numeracy has made a pack of maths activities for children free to all during the school closures for children aged between 4 – 11 years old.

Online courses with Bradford College

We are pleased to offer a range of accredited Level 2 fully funded online courses in partnership with Bradford College.  To be eligible learners must be aged 19 and over, lived in the EU for the past 3 years and not currently on another course prior to starting.

Courses available:  Principles of Dementia Care, Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes, Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult and Social Care, Equality and Diversity, Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings, Principles of Team Leading.

For more information and sign up email